What is Just Christians Missions?

Evangelizing souls to Christ is hard work and needs planning. Knowing this, we will sit down with the leaders of the congregation and help form a plan that fits the congregation inorder to help you meet your goals. We can help in many ways to get you were you want to be. We are here to help!

About Me

I have always been an active member of the Lord's church, serving as a deacon, Bible school teacher, and more recently preaching the gospel. I am a graduate of Tri-City School of Preaching and have received a Bachelor of Arts from International College of the Bible.

I have committed myself to serve the Lord in the mission field, with a goal to help area congregations grow and spread the gospel. After much prayer and consideration the area that I have chosen is the Appalachian Regions, from Columbia, SC to Hinton, WV and all parts in between. There are approximately 26 million people in this area, the field is white with harvest



Workshops will be conducted on a variety of subjects and at different locations. Trained volunteers will help with the workshops and lessons will be available via audio and video means.

Bible Correspondence Courses

There are a number of courses that can be signed up for. We also have a number thought provoking tracts on many day to day subjects.

Tract Saturation

Tracts will be distributed through markets, festivals, Bible studies, door knocking, ect. Thought provoking tracts will be heavy relied on to introduce local society to the church. I have a goal of distributing 500 tracts per month.

Staying Connected

Upcoming Events

  • Bible Class - Every Monday of the Month
  • Men's Leadership Class - Every second Thursday of the month at Abilene church of Christ

Monthly Newsletter

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